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Loose dentures are no longer a problem

When all the teeth have been lost and one is trying to function with removable complete dentures this can be a profound change in the quality of life for some people. Most of the time the lower denture is the greater problem. The denture attachment system is specifically designed to resolve this problem with a minimally invasive procedure at greatly reduced cost.

Mini dental implants are used to create retentive stabilization that cannot be achieved with adhesives or nonmechanical approaches. It is possible toplace these without incisions or sutures in one visit and leave with an immediately secure denture.


Can my existing dentures be used?

If the fit, estheics and bite of the exisiting dentures are all good then the dentures can be stabilized.

Stabilizing poor fitting or improperly designed dentures is not going to solve their inherent defects and because of the improper stresses on the implants can result in premature loss of the implants.

Is this expensive?

There are very few things other than our teeth that we use 24 x 7 365 days a year. Although this is very seldom covered by insurance it is a life changing experience. Typically for each arch the implants including the imaging cost $4000. A new denture would add $2,500 to this.

This compares with $20-25,000 for fully fixed implant supported teeth.

Financing is available through the CareCredit link below.

Am I a candiate for denture stabilization?

Most people are good candidates for this providing there is no severe medical complications or excessive tobacco use.

An initial consultation for mini implants is $100 which is applicable to subsequent procedures.

3M Denture

This not not a new system but one which has evolved over a period of time and is now FDA approved and receiving the professional recognition that is long overdue.

It is being introduced as a complement to the other systems in our office for specific situations and reduced cost.