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Frequently Asked Questions

Insurance Coverage

We do not accept assignment of insurance benefits because we are not prepared to compromise our standards of care or your health to enhance the bottom line of a profit driven corporation. Our business is helping you maintain and maximize your long-term dental health, comfort and function. Our number one priority is YOU.


We believe that an open discussion of our fees avoids misunderstandings. The fees are developed from an analysis of the time, overhead and material expenses that are incurred in providing each service.

Each procedure is represented by a standard procedure code that the ADA and the insurance companies have agreed upon. We do not necessarily agree with some of the breakdowns that are used but to facilitate reimbursement for those with insurance we try to maintain what have become accepted standards. They represent our best effort at an equitable arrangement with our patients.


We will be happy provide you with a written estimate before any treatment begins. These fees will be honored as long as treatment is valid for the clinical situation and our fee schedule in the office has not changed.

Please note that phased treatment plans are actually a series of separate treatments. Each one is a separate entity and will not be entered into unless the previous one has been satisfactorily completed.


Statements are sent monthly to all patients with an outstanding balance. This is done to ensure that patients are aware of any charges to their account and that any payments have been properly credited. It is an important procedure for verifying our records.

Payment for continuing care visits

Payment is due at the time of service. We accept cash, check, or for amounts greater than $50, VISA, MasterCard and American Express

Payment for Significant procedures

In order to provide an equitable arrangement for patients considering extensive treatment over a period of time, our customary arrangement is:

1. Co-diagnosis, consultation and treatment plan with payment at the time of visit.

2. Completion of a financial agreement prior to commencing treatment.

3. One third payment at the commencement of treatment.

4. One third payment when outside laboratory procedures are started.

5. One third payment at the delivery of restorations.

Emergency visits

A minimum fee of $100.00 for out of hours emergency visits will be charged for patients not currently under treatment and will be payable at the time of treatment. Credit card arrangements are quite acceptable.

Missed appointments

 Once an appointment has been made this time has been specifically reserved for you.

Rescheduling an appointment without a full working day notice may incurr a charge for unscheduled office time.

Service charges

A handling fee of $25.00 will be charged for returned checks.


Interest at the rate of 1.5% per month (18% annual percentage rate) will be applied to those accounts outstanding when treatment has been completed.

Financial responsibility for minors

The person that brings a minor to the office is the one who is responsible for consent to treatment and the fees incurred. We will be more than happy to provide multiple statements to submit to ex-spouses and for other reimbursements.

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