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The new age of dental implants is here:

3D diagnosis

The current state of the art implant diagnosis starts with a machine like the one above. It may look like the Panoral machines of before and use a very similar radiation dose BUT thanks to the computer power now available to us is able to create stunning 3D analysis of the facial structure. The ability to merge the CT images with the 3D Cerec images used for making crowns has totally transformed the diagnostic process.

Instead of making teeth where the implants are, now we can actually put the implants not only where the bone is but where we want the teeth to be. This is a truly profound conceptual change in dental reconstruction that can only be achieved with the combined Galileos and Cerec technology in our office.


Minimally invasive guided surgery


Technically the problem is how one gets this design from the computer into the mouth. By a combination of multiple advanced technologies now avaialble in our office, it is possible to fabricate surgical guides. These enable the placement of implants with unprecedented precision into what were previously inadequate areas of bone around the nerves and sinuses avoiding major surgical grafting procedures.

The ability to place certain implants through the guides totally changes the level of precision that we have expected for implant placement. Because it is now possible to do this through minimal access openings both the surgical intervention and post-operative discomfort is dramatically reduced.

Predetermined computer generated restorations

The key to successful implant based reconstruction is precise pre-operative prototyping. The ability to use existing Cerec technology to do this and integrate it with Galilleos3D imaging means the final restorations have already been designed and validated before any treatment is started. This prototyping ensures that the functional and esthetic outcomes are fulfilled.

Never start an implant that you have not already restored.

Never start an implant
 that you have not
 already restored